A heart for God.
A willingness to learn.
Courage to die to self.
A passion for the lost.
Ready for the extreme?

Step over your ‘surely not’. Become a church planter.

Welcome to Acts 10.

Our vision is simple:
Be a catalyst for the planting of more churches.


About Acts 10 Church Planting

We are a cross-denominational ministry dedicated to church planting. Our website will resource any aspiring Church Planter to help them get started. However, it does not stop with our online interface.  We also offer intensive training and mentoring.

We subscribe to the Nicene & Apostolic Creed. We are orthodox in our belief, contemporary in practice, evangelical in our persuasion and charismatic in our expression.

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What We Believe

This statement of faith should not be regarded as implying that the truths expressed in it constitute the only important truths of the faith. The above, we believe, is consistent with the historic statements of faith such as the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

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