Wonder what a leader looks like?  Here are 10 characteristics from Dr Richard Green.

1. Call

• Strong sense of why.
• Mark 1:38 NIV

Shift from need to call

2. Ideas

• Vision based on revelation flowing from devotion
• Proverbs 24:3-5
• Quality of thought determines quality of desire
• “As a man thinks so he is ”Proverbs 23:7

Shift from doing to thinking

• Mark 3:13
• Up on the mountain (get perspective)
• Called then he wanted (space to select the right people)
• Appoint then (effectively release people)

3. Values

• Lives Biblical Principle and an informed conscience
• Proverbs 11:3
• Integrity = Consistency between heart, head and hands
• What you feel, think and do

Shift – from doing things right, to doing the right things

John 5:19 – Jesus did what he saw the Father doing

4. Energy

In Theos Latin “In God We ”Romans used the term to describe what they saw in Christian Martyrs. The ability to motivate people and create a positive environment.

1 Cor 15:10
• Go with your gift
• Work beyond performance expectation – Grace frees us

Shift from doing many things to the one thing

5. Edge

• 2 Tim 1:7 – Sound Mind
• Prov 29:25

Shift from the ministry question “The How To” to the leadership question “The Why Do”.

6. Clarity

1 Cor 14:8
• Warfare is never simple it is complex and chaotic.
• Everything drifts to complexity.

Shift from complex (conceptual and deep) to being clear (applicable).

7. Developer – A message and a life reproduced

Matt 4:19

Shift from information to life transformation. Move from what your teaching to what your doing to transform others. Help people identify where they have came from and where they are going (John 8:14)

8. Action

James 2:20

Shift from opinion to action. Outcome focused over contents.

9. Capacity – Built through nurture and challenge

Phil 1:23-25 progress and joy

Shift from time focus to energy focus

10. Composure

Ps 139:23 – self awareness.

Shift from external motivation to internal motivation.