Chady El Aouad, Senior Minister of Abundant Life Church and Ministries Lebanon, shares his insights on how church planting and leadership is as much about who we are as what we do.

So they said, “Let us rise up and build.” Then they set their hands to this good work.
- Nehemiah 2:18

Church planting is as much about who we are as what we do. Starting a work from the ground up is not an easy task and takes more than work to finish. You must have a character that will persevere until the work is finished.

The book of Nehemiah talks about rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. As a church planter, you have probably already heard the cry, “Let us rise up and build!” and are ready to build a work that will impact your community. As you take heed to this cry, observe that those who answered the need of builders also had a character that gave them endurance to work till the end.

Nehemiah chapter 3 tells us the families that were building the wall. In these families we can see the “Character of a Builder”:

1. INTERCESSOR (v.10) – Jedaiah meaning “supplications and intercessions”. Building starts with intercession and standing in the gap for our families. Being people of prayer makes us able to be entrusted to build the Kingdom of God.

2. MAN OF PEACE (v.12) – Shallum, meaning peace. God is looking for the peacemakers to build His Kingdom, and also peace lovers. It is also important to note that Shallum’s daughters helped in making repairs; women are also builders!

3. MAN OF POWER (v.23) Benjamin, meaning “source of my power”, Strong men, men of power, are builders. Men with strong spirit and character are builders.

4. MAN OF TRUTH (v.29) Zadok, meaning “just and trustworthy”, Men who are faithful and just, men that live in the truth and have the word of God in them are builders.

5. DEDICATED (v.30) Meshullum, meaning “dedicated”, Men who are not only members in the kingdom or just attendees, but they are set apart, consecrated and fully committed. These men are builders.

Now is the time to work, build and surely God will grant us the success!

Do you have the character of a builder?