The Innovation Myth.  

It’s not about the innovative idea, it’s about the ability of the innovative organisations – the flexibility and capacity of the organisation to shape itself – so that the idea moves from conception to birth. Conception is fun (mood task)but birthing is painful.  Innovation is not just for the idea, it’s for the implementation of the idea. It’s important not to place this burden on one person. Don’t overlook the organisational design and energy to pull the innovative idea off.

“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.”
Isaiah 43:18

“Behold, I will do a new thing; not it shall sprout; shall you not know it?”
Isaiah 43:19

“Cause Me to remember; let us enter into judgement; declare yourself, that you may be justified.”
Isaiah 43:26 

Three challenges of innovation 

1. The forgetting challenge 

New paradigm means dropping old ways and concepts. Organisations have muscle memory.  So how do you deal with this challenge?

i) Get outside eyes

ii) Develop new reporting

iii) Build new measurements on outcomes

2. Remembering the right things 

i) Borrow only those things that are core

ii) Key leaders must set those things that are core

3. Learning Challenge 

i) Key leaders must be able lo predict the organisations future. Need to learn to more from wild forcasts to informed estimates.

ii) Testing assumptions

iii) Adjustments on lessons learned

Finally, don’t think “either or”.   Separate new endeavours and use new ways to report and measure.