Project Description

Dr Len Smith // Principal at Australian College of Christian Studies – formerly Emmaus and Tabor Colleges, and Director of Australian Based Learning Experience

EdD, MEd, MA, BEd, DipTeach, GradDipTheol

Specialising in adult learning, PhD in cognitive learning. Len is a church leader, business man, and educator. He is on the national leadership team for Christian Community Churches Australia – a National network of independent evangelical churches across Australia which is part of a world-wide network of like-minded churches which aim to build churches that a) put the Lord Jesus Christ at the centre of our relationship with God, our relationships with each other and our relationship with the community b) Every person in the church having a strong understanding of God’s Word, the Bible and how it applies to our everyday lives c) Every person in the church being involved in ministry in a way that properly utilises their God given talents and gifts.

Subject area – leadership, strategic thinking