Dr Richard Green reveals how you can become a possibility thinker and take on the right “mindset” for planting a healthy and vibrant church.

How To Become A Possibility Thinker

1. Remove all excuses

Everyone has something that could limit them. Those who achieve great things don’t allow limitations to become excuses. Excuses are negative not life building.

Try the following exercise:

Step 1 > List all the things that limit you from achieving your “God dream”

Step 2 > Ask the Lord to speak to you about these limiters and record what he says.

Step 3 > Find a promise from Scripture that matches what you believe the Lord would say.

Step 4 > Write and memorise the passage.

Step 5 > Say the passage out loud first thing each morning and last thing before you go to bed.

2. Practice daily thankfulness

The old saying of “count your blessings” is true. The more your thoughts focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have, the less time you will spend sowing seeds of negativity.

> Begin each day with a promise from the Word

> Say and imagine the promise

> Spend some quiet still time, say the word then be still, put images to the words

> Use immediate thought distraction when a negative thought comes

> The brain takes a few seconds before a negative is recorded, if you can quickly move your thoughts to something else, the negative will not lock itself into your memory

> Pray and spend time imagining what you want

> See your life as you believe God would want it

> See your church as you believe God would want it

Be creative with your thinking. What feeds creativity is stillness. Don’t force creativity. Just be ready to accept – rather than dismiss, thoughts that come to you from left-of-field.

3. Develop a positive habit

Do something every day that becomes a habit. It should be something that takes little effort which you really enjoy. Be opportunity focused, not problem focused. Welcome problems as opportunity for growth.