MA Specialising in Leadership
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In association with Emmaus Bible College (EBC).
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The Master of Arts Specialising in Leadership combines high-level academic biblical and theological formation from a ‘centralist evangelical and gospel centred theological’ foundation. The lecturers and facilitators are internationally recognised and highly educated and proven practitioners. The MA brings very solid and credible biblical, theological input and spiritual reflection together with the most current and thorough leadership training.


The MA specialising in leadership is delivered online and complemented with two practical support four-day Leadership Collective – Ideas Exchanges each year.  All formal accredited material necessary to complete the MA is online. The complementary Leadership Collective Ideas Exchanges bring together the students with other practical field specialists to assist in the process of collaborative learning and practical integration of the presented learning material.

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Prerequisites & Length

Admission to the MA is available via four pathways:

1. Applicants holding an AQF level 8 award in Theology (Grad Cert or Grad Dip)
2. Applicants holding an AQF level 7 award in Theology (BTh or BMin)
3. Applicants holding an AQF level 7 award in any discipline (BA etc)
4. Applicants with no formal academic training but have experience in significant ministry leadership (see notes on Professional Entry)

Pathway 1: Applicants enrol directly into the MA and complete 8 subjects at 8500 or 9600 level over 1 year or 3 years.
Pathway 2-4: Applicants enrol in the Grad Cert Arts and complete 4 subjects at 8500 or 9600 level over 6 months to 1.5 years. On completion the student proceeds to Pathway 1.

Professional Entry into Graduate Certificate in Arts

Professional Entry into Course

English Proficiency


The course is $1900 AUD per unit for Australian students. Qualifying Australian citizens may apply for government FEE-HELP.

Grad Cert = $7,600
Grad Dip = $7,600 (must hold the GradCertArts award)
MA = $7,600 (must hold the GradDipArts award)

Overseas students can apply for a generous sponsorship and/or scholarship. The sponsorship level will depend on the country in which the student lives and the level of income and financial resources available to the students.

As an example, in Bulgaria, on selection after enrolment a student, if they qualify, will receive a scholarship per subject of $1,680 (2203 lv) leaving the student with only $220 (289 lv) per unit to pay plus the cost of the required IELTS exam.

Supplementary “In Put”

The accredited MA Specialising in leadership is supplemented by “Leadership Collectives”.

Dr Richard Green leads the “Leadership Collectives” with the support of the “in field” specialist including, Kenn Iskov and the C3 Church Ryde International Training Team – as well as invited high-level effective practitioners.

Subjects Offered

Code Subject Title Faculty
B8520 Introduction to Old Testament Dr Theron Young
B8530 Introduction to New Testament Dr Hikmat Kashou
T8501 Introducing Theology Dr Xavier Lakshmanan
T8535 The Holy Spirit and Church (Pneumatology and Ecclesiology) Dr Xavier Lakshmanan / Kenn Iskov
T9631 Major Questions in Christology Dr Xavier Lakshmanan / Kenn Iskov
P8561 Developing Leaders through Mentoring Dr Richard Green
P8595 Issues In Leadership Dr Richard Green
P8562 Administrative Leadership & Management in Ministry Dr Richard Green
P9665 Transformational Leadership in Ministry Dr Richard Green
P8572 Spiritual Leadership Dr Richard Green
P8583 Working in a Team Ministry Setting Dr Richard Green
X9691 Research Project/Capstone Unit/Research Essay in Leadership Dr Len Smith/Dr Richard Green


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